November 5, 2019

First Frost


I've been under the weather, as they say, over the past week with some virus or germ from hell. I felt like I had Ebola once or twice, but it's moved on and I'm in that phase after being ill that makes me thankful to be alive and well. Halloween was quiet here, as everything seems to be, and waking up to white rooftops and frozen bird baths has left me feeling pensive this morning.

A change in the weather always makes me thoughtful as well. Growing up in southern California where the climate remains constant has added to that too, I suppose. The arrival of autumn is a reminder that another year is passing and I love that about the northeast. I think I could never have retired to any place where the seasons don't noticeably change. Now that we've relocated to a new home I'm eager and curious about what each season will bring. It's clear to me that the weather in our little valley is special. The summer is cooler and the autumn bright and beautiful. 

 When the rain falls it pours hard and straight to the ground and patters hard on the rooftop of our single floor home. It always makes me feel cozy and safe. Every change has been beautiful and I still can't believe that I live here now.  I look forward to what the rest of the year will bring.

Thank you for visiting! Please come again.

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