October 6, 2019

White Roosters


I saw a picture of a French Provincial kitchen one day and on the table sat a gorgeous, white rooster. I loved how crisp and proud he looked on the beautiful table setting. I just had to have a white rooster after that! Then reality set in. Roosters are not cheap and oddly white ones are the most expensive. It was time to add a bit of imagination, somehow make one fit in the budget and fulfill the rooster dream.

The inspirational rooster.

I found a couple of vinyl statues on Amazon from their warehouse. If you aren't familiar with Amazon warehouse the bargains there are great. Sometimes orders get damaged slightly in shipping, oftentimes it's only the packaging that is ruined. Anytime I order there I always look for a warehouse version. Acrylic roosters are a bit fragile and I happened to find two with some minor damage. They both were very brightly colored but they only needed to be white to fit into my new decor.

One is done in an antique finish. First I spray painted it white. The oil-based finish is slick and a good base for antiquing. Once it had dried overnight I made a wash of a slightly golden/brown paint and brushed it into the feathers and details, wiping quickly afterward with a soft cloth for that aged look.

After it had dried I sprayed it with a cheap hair spray. Hair spray is a great finish. It leaves a soft, slightly glossy finish that looks very much like aged ceramic.

For the other, brighter rooster, I simply sprayed him white with a regular can of spray paint then with hairspray once it had dried completely. I can't decide which one I like more! I'm sure this method would work as well on any ceramic rooster.

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