October 3, 2019

Tiny Office

The clouds parted this morning making it perfect for a bit of embroidery. Yesterday the builders came and moved the shed that came with our new home. The house had been completed in February and the ground was too soggy and snowy to set it in a permanent location so it simply got parked in the center of the yard. There it sat while the finishing touches were added to the porch and the inside. At last, all of the stars of new construction must have aligned because the crew came for shed relocation yesterday. It had been parked right outside of my office window so the room was dark and felt close. Today it's bright and inspiring. 

I did a bit more organizing, and will likely do much more over the next year. I just can't help but try to fit too darned much into the tiny space, but I am confident it will settle into the perfect room over time.

I have a big Moonstrik stand by the window and with the shed gone the light is wonderful! I was finally able to grab a good eBook from the online library, pull up a chair and start cross-stitching. 

Thank you for visiting! Please come again.

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