October 24, 2019

The Secret of Two Posts

Last week there two - count them two - blogs published at once. Was that unusual? You bet. There is a very good reason for that second publishing. 

The culprit

Lurking in my house there is a cat. There's always been one cat or another in my house, and although each one was kind of their own "person", I can't say that I've ever had one like Secret. Most of my pets earn a name like Roxie did and the cat before that was Slats. He was very sick and skinny when we rescued him from a questionable pet shop and when we heard Lampry refer to Pinocchio as Slats the name fit perfectly.

This was not the case for Miss Secret. After having her for a few weeks we decided she wasn't going to cough up an appropriate tag and so we decided, like many strange things about her, her name must be a secret. It stuck.

Secret is a bit of a broken toy. She hides from practically every one, is terrified of things she shouldn't be and gets into things she should not. 

She's been on book covers and loves being the only feline in our new home. If she could speak, which I'm sure she would love to, she could tell you everything that goes in or out of the house on a daily basis. She follows my husband everywhere. He's the one she has trained to keep her in treats.

She watches television, I think that Breaking Bad is her favorite show. I can't blame her for that. 

Maybe she knows where things are buried in the desert?

And, as I'm sure you have guessed, Secret publishes blog postings.  She's very clever about it. She waits in the wings until I have just jotted down my thoughts, but not so long that I am done editing. She plans her move. There's a trigger, I'm certain of it. It has got to be that I sit back, or take the right kind of breath or pause in my writing just a certain way. Then she's on it. Two silent steps into the room, one giant leap and CLICK she lands perfectly on the publish button. Done. I have learned that I have a window of about 30 seconds to unpublish before the gates of cyberspace open wide and the blog flows out into the world. While I'm panicked and trying to find the mouse and the right click she jumps down, strolls over the doorway and sits there smiling and yes, she's smiling, I am sure of it. I think I'd better find her an episode of her favorite show to keep her distracted before I write again.

Thanks for visiting! Please come again.

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