October 5, 2019


There's nothing as warming and delicious as a steaming bowl good old-fashioned oatmeal. Not that quick stuff, but the real steel-cut Irish type. Now that autumn has arrived it's definitely time to think about a good hot breakfast. However, the really good oatmeal takes time and watching and stirring over the stove. I would rather plug in my earbuds and get out for a brisk walk in the morning instead of stirring over a pot.  

Enter crock-pot. That wonderful slow-cooking device is perfect for old-fashioned oats. You can make up a batch for now or even keep it for a few days in the refrigerator. This cereal is delicious hot or cold with little or no sweetening and maybe even a pinch of cinnamon or a few raisins or bananas. In small storage containers it's easy to grab, get a good breakfast into your belly and then begin your day full of good food.

I follow the recipe on the can: 4 cups of water to two cups of oats and put it in the slow-cooker for a couple of hours. Check it occasionally and when almost, but not all of the water is absorbed turn it off and let it sit another hour. I stir it every hour and that's all the attention it requires. When finished I either put the cooled crockpot liner right into the refrigerator or divide the oats into smaller storage containers. I have found that it can even be frozen, put into the refrigerator overnight and enjoyed cold or warmed in the microwave. Good healthy eating!

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