October 1, 2019

Lace Pumpkin


   My friend Marianne sent me the cutest link on Pinterest the other day and it was clear she knows my taste. It's a pumpkin covered in lace doilies and I just had to have one! I considered running to the craft shop and investing in a plastic pumpkin and either digging out some old doilies or hitting the dollar store for some cheap ones. My little inner budget voice instead decided to rummage through my craft supplies first to see what I could concoct without buying anything. When I dug a bit I ran across the big doily I just replaced in the kitchen and right away it was clear it needed a second life as a lacy pumpkin.

      I started with an old, linen napkin. I have scores of them and they are great for crafting. I stitched around the top of it, gathered it up and stuffed it well.

Then I gathered up the big doily around it and gathered it up as well.

Once it was pumpkin-shaped I got out a huge needle and some thin jute and added the sectioning thread.

After some shaping, a stick from the yard and a bit of ribbon it looked pretty good! I left some of the jute hanging to add to the ribbon, but once I looked at it for a few minutes I rubbed white glue on the jute and wrapped it around paper straws and allowed it to dry overnight. In the morning I pulled out the straw and the thread had curled nicely.

Thank you, Mare, for the inspiration!  

Thank you for visiting! Please come again.

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