October 17, 2019

What ya doin'?

Since moving to Pennsylvania's Upper Perkiomen Valley we are getting out often and enjoying the wonderful events of the area. There is an abundance of antiquing and fresh food stands. Even just something as simple as finding cozy markets for weekly shopping has been enjoyable. Each day it's clear to me we have been living in the city far too long.

During the summer months, we enjoyed a day at the Goschenhoppen Folk Festival. What delightful demonstrations of the daily life of the Pennsylvania Germans of the 18th and 19th centuries! The exhibitors were dressed in period clothing and for two days recreated traditional home skills.  When I found ladies spinning flax I was totally captivated! The food was traditional as well and I could have spent the day just eating and still had a great time. Wild horses will not be able to keep me away from next year's event.

Last week we took a ride out to a couple of local antique malls and finished our day at the nearby park with a naughty meal at the Food Truck Festival. The air was crisp with an autumn chill and live music filled the park. I was glad I had layered up a bit and worn a scarf when the sun began to set and the breeze kicked up. Once we had eaten and began to get a bit chilled we headed home to get cozy indoors and enjoy a piece of the week's pumpkin pie.

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