October 19, 2019

Downsize Dilemma

Welcome! I've been pondering a lot about clutter this weekend. In my new home there's plenty of counter space, more in fact than I've had in any kitchen in my life. What's not to love about that? However I also love beautiful things. Some folks find serene satisfaction in kitchen countertops with nothing on them at all. I find peace and contentment when my eye falls on lovely items. This is true especially with those things that have a story associated with them like the white roosters or the old metal bowl from an antique shop next door to Roadside America. They always take me back to experiences I have enjoyed and love to recall. Then there are those things I keep just because they might match or work in my new home or maybe because I spent too much money for them once upon a time. This is what is happening with the Romertopf clay pot.

I've had this pot for years. I originally purchased it for bread baking, but I found that it never worked well for that purpose, at least for me. Next, there were a couple of pot roasts but nothing beats a good searing and then a slow bake in my big, cast-iron Dutch oven. While it doesn't work well for baking, clay does work well for proofing or rising bread. But I haven't made bread in a long while and so it has not been used. It has survived downsizing so far because I like the earthy look of it and figured I'd find more use for it once we were settled.

My kitchen fell into place rather quickly after moving in, but no matter how much we have downsized it's clear there are still far too many belongings. The clay pot got pulled from the cabinet this weekend and is now squatting and waiting for my decision. I hesitate to put it back in the cabinet. It's huge - four quarts - and doesn't fit in the upper cabinet so it has to go underneath and deep into the recesses behind everyday pots. Even after a good scrubbing, it looks a bit funky to me. It's supposed to be part of the appeal, but I'm not thrilled over oily spots. I thought I'd try an experiment by making it into a kind of storage piece on the counter. I think of clutter as those things that get left somewhere that are not put away. Keys and such fall into that category. Maybe if I clean it really well and put in a pretty cloth it could live as a storage container.

Or maybe it simply needs a new home. So I'm considering putting it up onto the Marketplace. I used the Facebook selling feature successfully before we sold our home last year. Back then I was much more determined and certain about what I was selling. I was ready to deal with those folks who always ask if your item is still available but then don't respond when you reply. Or those people who want your address but won't commit to a time for pick-up. I even had patience enough to deal with those folks who live perpetually in another time zone and don't understand why you can't or won't come out onto your porch at 3 A.M. to sell off your knick-knacks. As Buster Scruggs says, "But do I wanna wear a black suit?".

I think I'll think on this one a bit longer. Or maybe I ought to start a loaf of bread.

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