October 14, 2019

Cranberry Pie

Good day to you! As you know, I'm baking a pie every week now and my husband and I are being adventurous trying new kinds. For example, we are not big pear eaters, but tried the pear pie nonetheless and loved it. So we decided to apply the same bravery to this pie. Though my husband is not a big fan, cranberries are fine in sauces and juices and such so we went with it.

 I have to admit I had never sectioned and diced a naval orange before and it surely was a juicy experience.

As the pie baked it looked and smelled beautiful and, as we sat at the kitchen table doing our daily Sudoku puzzle, we couldn't help but admire the lovely berries bubbling through the lattice crust. Once it was cool, and I had prepared the accompanying whipped topping, we were eager to sample a slice.

This pie was not what we expected. If you're a huge cranberry fan it might be exactly the pie of your dreams, but to us, it was a bitter disappointment. Literally. Perhaps it was in the fresh cranberries I used, but this dessert had far more pucker than we expected. Ordinarily, I love a tangy taste but that was not the case with this pie. 

Does that mean it was a fail? I don't think so. I have baked a pie now for 12 weeks in a row. Yeah, that's a lot of pies. And up till now every one has been delicious and decidedly enjoyable. This was just one exception in a long line of yumminess. But really there was nothing wrong with it; it just didn't suit our taste. I could not bring myself to just toss it so I asked my neighbor if he liked cranberries. He got a twinkle in his eye when I explained our dilemma and offered him the better part of  a tangy pie that needed a home. He went off with the warm plate and the whipped topping as well. We'll see if he comes back with that same twinkle in his eye when he returns the dishes. I'll let you know.

If you love a truly tangy pie then maybe you'd like to try this recipe yourself:

Next week I'll have to bake something very decadent to make up for this week's experience.

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