September 21, 2019

The People

In our old house, my husband had two wooden people in his office. They are mannequins designed to help a sketch artist capture good perspectives in their drawings. I don't recall when exactly we acquired them and they stood rather ignored on a shelf for years. Since I am in my "neutral period' looking for warm colors and blacks and whites to put into my new home the dolls have come into an entirely different light and so they have been absconded and included in my new decor. At about the same time, an idea came to me while sorting out 35 years worth of old games. I came across two sets of Scrabble chips, but no boards. And so a plan of people and messages was drawn. 

My original idea was to set up the pair atop the piano, but alas my lovely piano did not fit into our relocation plans and the duet had to be located somewhere else. I put up an antique ironing board in our front window and now the pair lives there.

I like to change the poses out regularly and give them some props now and again while still keeping them simple. I had a set of tiny lawn chairs that worked well as a trip to watch the local fireworks on Independence Day and for a little while, they held the wooden nickels we got at the Goschenhoppen Folk Festival. These days they are watching over my acorn collection. We are living in an area that is just teeming with natural crafting materials and until I find a use for the acorns the people can mind them for me.

One thing I ever anticipated is the frightening shadows they make against the livingroom ceiling when the lights are low on the porch and the fog has come up from the lake. Now I'm thinking that for Halloween a little enhancement to their silhouettes might add a frightening element for the holiday. Spider webs and pointy hats anyone?

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