September 29, 2019


Some time before we relocated I watched a close friend move across the country to begin a new life. It was the right time for her, as it was for us over a year later. I saw her working hard to prepare and did not appreciate how difficult it must have been for her until I began to break down my own place. She was alone, I was not. I admire her more for that. We have corresponded through letters on frilly stationery, handmade cards and a few phone calls over time. I have things now in my new home she left behind and they are very special to me, but the package I found on my porch yesterday afternoon has me floored. I was a bit nervous and excited when I saw the package there. Downsizing puts you into a weird place where you get into a state of mind that you don't want any more "things" in your life. I was wrong to feel that way. This thing is exactly what I need in my life. I am so thankful that I have so many friends who have "house warmed" me in so many perfect ways. From the backscratcher brought by one friend to replace the forgotten and terribly missed one I left on a windowsill in my old home, to the handy shoehorn for those considerate folks who remove their footwear when they visit and the amazing tablecloth we received recently, each gift has been thoughtful and loved. This latest gift is no exception.

Inside the big box on my porch is a beautiful print done by my friend's daughter, a graphic artist in Tuscon, Arizona and I love it! Of course, I carried it around the house looking to find the perfect place for it and I finally decided to hang it above my little fireplace in the living room/kitchen area where I could see it all day long and enjoy it constantly.

My husband sees a fishing net upon a shore and I love his interpretation of it. I see a ghost that is invisible except for her veil that comes down from her head and trails over her back and shoulders. But more than our interpretation of what the print really is, I see the love in the heart of my good friend, Fay, who chose it for me and my home. Once again I am touched.

Fay and I in our old neighborhood.

Thank you for visiting! Please come again.

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