September 16, 2019

The Best of Friends

With the leaf in our table for the first time since we moved, we enjoyed a delightful dinner with our visitors yesterday. I made a casserole earlier in the week from a make-one-for-now-freeze-one-for-later cookbook that we love. The Key Lime pie was good too, and we all ate and drank our fill. Right before sunset we went for a quick ride around the lakes and returned as darkness descended for a bit of catching up and storytelling. It's a wonderful feeling to have a couple of best friends around the table on a late summer night. I hope they visit again soon!

Our guests came with a thoughtful gift for our new home and I could not be more thrilled. They brought a beautiful tablecloth, that now becomes part of the story of our lives and I could not wait to see it on the table this morning. I tossed it in the wash as soon as I saw that it was 80% cotton as I knew it would only get softer. I took the leaf out of the table, pressed out the cloth and felt my heart swell. I love it! Folded in half it fits the table perfectly and is long enough to cover the table as well when we insert the big leaf for guests. I will treasure it not only for its beauty but for the fond memories it holds. I'm touched by all of our friends and new neighbors and the love they have brought into our new home.

 The tablecloth has an interesting design of hearts and roses and soothing neutral colors.

It looks great with my normal table setting.

It's lovely to enjoy the view from the living room as well!

Thank you for visiting! Please come again.

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