September 22, 2019

Fool the Eye Cotton

Years ago I had a little place of my own for a short time. I had a plan then to decorate it all in neutral colors, mostly black and white and gingham. It's a look I have always found crisp and soothing. Over the years I've lived in homes that seemed to call out for jewel tones and many colors. At last, I'm thrilled to be once again enjoying the neutrals that bring me the most comfort. It seems I'm not alone because I am seeing that style everywhere 40 years later. I don't mind that, I certainly didn't invent those colors, don't care about fads or the perception of them and if it's popular, whether you call it Farmhouse or Country really doesn't matter to me. Being popular does mean that there are lots of pretty choices for what I'm seeking on the store shelves. One of the things I have seen in the last few years are these cute little cotton plants used for wreaths and to fill vases. As fall approaches I was thinking about what I could use to replace the daisies on my table and looked around for the cotton. Yipes. Popular may make them easy to find, but the cost is unbelievable! There is no way I am paying such outrageous prices for such a simple little thing.  I studied several pictures of them in the field and just made a version of my own. Do they mimic a real cotton plant? Not exactly, but they gave me the effect I like for under two dollars and I'm fine with that. Here's a quick overview of the project. 

  I gathered sticks from the yard, cotton balls, brown paint, thin cardboard, and some tools.

A pedal pattern is drawn on the cardboard. I cut them freehand after the first one to make them look a bit more natural.

I painted the outside only.

Then I curled them around a pencil.

 I pulled apart the cotton balls a bit, glued them into the petals and held them in a round shape while the hot glue cooled.

Then I glued them to the sticks and arranged them in my bud vase.

I like the look and the price!

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