September 26, 2019

Finally Fall!

Hello! I hope you are having the perfect first day of autumn 2019! It has been foggy here in the morning since we are close to the water and the temperature drops so much at night. By 9:00 A.M. the sky is a bright blue.

I got out some music by a new artist we have discovered... just perfect for kicking up a good baking day and went to it!

Of course, considering it is actually autumn now, this week's pie just had to be an apple! Combine that with the excuse to compare an apple crumb to the pear crumb pie I made a couple of weeks ago. This should be interesting since that pear version will be mighty hard to beat. I was even able to get out my handy dandy peeler for this one. I ordinarily use it primarily for peeling potatoes, but the monster versions sold here in the local markets are just too much even for this cast iron workhorse.

This recipe is very close to the pear version. It's clear the difference will be all in the apples.

Into the oven, it goes!


 I can't wait to slice this one up and add a scoop of cold ice cream!

 I have to say that there are few things better than a good slice of pie. This one is very delicious! It's right up there with the better pies I've made lately, but I have to say that it's still a tiny step down from that delicious Pear Crumble Pie. I guess I'll have to make the pear next week and compare again.

Thanks for visiting! Please come again.

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