September 3, 2019

Chocolate Chiffon

Today is Labor Day and I held off baking a pie yesterday. We planned to visit the local flea market and then to bake when we returned. After rising early to get out before the heat of the day, as we finished our morning coffee the sky turned quite foreboding and thunder rumbled to the west across the lake. We checked the weather and decided to wait a bit and see where Mother Nature took the day. After a brief, soaking rain the skies began to clear a bit and we ventured out to see if any of the vendors had held out through the weather. It was the first time we had visited this local market and it was clear that most had packed up their wares and called it a day. We returned home for a quiet holiday and I started a Chocolate Chiffon pie.

My pies have all been from the big checkered Betty Crocker Cook Book and mine is surely a sorry sight. I can't remember how or where I acquired the big, binder of a book, but even after far too many years to count, it still holds some of my favorite recipes. Since I had it out on my counter so often, at one point, I decided to replace it with a newer and much less tattered copy. Making one of my favorites from the new version it was clear right away something was wrong. Every Thanksgiving for years I have made the ambrosia salad in the old book. The newer version had a recipe for the same salad, but it lacked a couple of the ingredients. I made the new version and was very disappointed. I gave away the updated book and went back to the old stand-by and still use it to this day. I'm not sure why they revised the old versions. I suspect that attitudes concerning calorie counts, health ideals and opinions about food safety have adapted over the years. Like history books, cookbooks change with the times. Perhaps this is how one turns "old-fashioned". However it works, I'll stick with my grizzled old version.

Chocolate Chiffon pie is a first for me. It looks delicious!

Thanks for visiting. Please come again!

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