August 25, 2019

Sunday Morning

It is a beautiful Sunday morning here in the Upper Perkiomen Valley of Pennsylvania. The weather has changed for the better and its clear that Autumn is drawing near. The geese have been busy the last few days gathering and calling to one another to get moving. They cross the sky above, nearly brushing the treetops, close enough that you can feel the vibration of their calls and imagine touching the downy feathers of their bellies. 

It's a lovely, sunny 63 degrees and the morning is just begging for me to do some baking! Last Sunday I put together a scrumptious and rather filling, banana cream pie. It was such a wonderful joy to bake in my delightful new kitchen and so today I have decided to go with an enticing peach pie. The peaches have been in season here and I've been eyeing them everywhere. Just knowing I'll be gobbling up some soon in a pie is very appetizing!

Last week's pie

The meringue was the perfect sweet touch with the rich banana filling.

Today's peach pie ready for a lattice top.

All baked and looking delicious!

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