August 20, 2019

From Tub to Cupboard

I've been re-purposing some things I brought with me to my new home. One of them is an old galvanized tub I've had for years. It started out as an ice bucket for kegs of beer and then I kept it as simply a sturdy washtub. It hung on the fence most of the time and one summer it was occupied by a lively wren and his family. 

Now it is a shelf in my new master suite.

I marked it carefully to make sure the shelves were level with the handles on the sides and poked holes for screws with an awl. Three screws run into the edges of the wood shelving on each side.  It was easy. A bit of lace and a glue gun made a nice finishing touch for the edges of the shelves. Now it houses my everyday makeup and a bit of jewelry. I love it!

Thank you for visiting! Please come again.

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