August 31, 2019

A Little Wash

Good day! I hope your Labor Day weekend is off to a great start! Today I'm sharing some pictures of my little laundry space in my new home. For years all of my houses had the washer and dryer in the basement. I can understand the thinking that it was the safest place for leaks and splashing water, but today's machines have come a long way from the old contraptions and wringers that were originally in those older homes. In my new place, it was important to me that the washer and dryer were much more convenient. I am over years of hauling dirty or even clean clothes up and down two flights of stairs. Doing the wash is not a chore I loathe especially, but all of the stair climbing was certainly getting old and so am I!

This washing space may not be very big but it is perfect to get the job done right in the heart of the home. I did have to plan somewhat differently than in my huge basements where I could have all of the tools I wanted and as many as I pleased. This space also has to house many of my other household supplies such as my cleaning caddy and rag collection. It took a bit of imagination but I have it all in there and it works very well!

Originally the area was equipped with bi-fold doors. The idea of closing off the space seemed fine but in actual practice didn't work well at all. We purchased a new set of machines to fit the space, and since they were a perfect size there was no wiggle room to get them in past the doors. The bi-folds had to be removed, the machine installed and then the doors rehung. After about an hour of my husband and I trying to get the things back in and all conversation reduced to a series of growls and grunts, we finally could open and close the doors easily. We were both pouring sweat and refraining from sounding too aggravated with one another. After all, we were in this plan together. I wiped down the machines and began to sort wash. We had waited several weeks for delivery and I had plenty of laundry to feed into the new machines.

There was one problem. The dryer door could not be opened. Since the dryer has nice wide portal there was no way for the bi-fold doors to be open and the dryer door as well. Off came the bi-folds! My husband kept apologizing that the doors didn't work after so much effort, but at that point, I was ready to pitch them out into the yard anyway. We took them off and out they went! I got right into getting the wash done and formulated a new plan.

Instead of doors, I installed a heavy, pipe-style drapery rod that is designed to be hung from the wall or the ceiling. Mostly I was after a nice industrial/farmhouse look but this style also was lucky because the pole serves well as a hanger rod. I hung cotton curtains with rings that open and close easily, great when your arms are full of laundry. In my little laundry space, I keep all of my soaps, hangers, clothespins, baskets, and crates full of paper supplies, light bulbs. I even have plenty of room for some lovely old decorations. The space looks nice enough to keep the curtains open if I choose which always makes any space much more enjoyable to keep clean.

I hope you like my little space and find a bit of laundry inspiration!

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