December 14, 2018

The New Studio

Of all the places I love in my home, my studio is my favorite. It's here that I write, imagine and create freely. When I finished my whole house reorganization, found a household schedule that worked well and felt comfortable I really had time to enjoy the things I truly loved. So I turned a critical eye towards my studio. 

When we moved into the house many years ago, I immediately claimed the room as my own. It's conveniently located on the main floor where I can get to the kitchen easily if I hear my cooking timers go off. And it's a quiet place where I can stop for a minute or two to check email. Over time it has served as my office, my sewing room, artists studio and once, while recuperating from surgery, my healing place. That's a tall order for one little room and it has held up pretty well. That is except for the carpeting. We installed it as a temporary measure over an ugly vinyl floor until a better plan came along. It was time.

A pale, mint green carpet didn't work for me anymore. On one occasion it got bleached in a spot during a hair frosting experiment. My heavy corner desk is lovely, but it has an open section behind it that's a terrible trap for dust, cat hair and the various chew toys left abandoned there over the years. I had no more excuses. The rest of the house was running beautifully. I began to plot the demise of the old rug. 

I imagined all kinds of ways to replace it. I love wood flooring. After having it here, in this house, in the kitchen, I swear I will never want any other surface beneath my feet. I've had tile, vinyl, carpet, brick and a myriad of flooring surfaces. I knew real wood beats them all. But, I knew any wood I installed would be new and the existing floors are ancient. They are beautiful, but they wouldn't look good against  new wood. I considered parquet flooring since the difference might make it mesh better. After trying several samples however, I knew that wouldn't work either. Then I considered vinyl. In the past I had installed self-stick tile in a kitchen with great results. I had also used pure white so it got plenty of scrubbing and held up well. Vinyl would do fine.

However the room is busy and full of the things I use and love. I adore it that way, but a busy floor could put it over the edge. The walls are painted a grayed/green but I didn't want more green. I began to make myself nuts trying to find the perfect color for the floor. I dreamt about it, held up tons of samples and even got out an art program to draw in different colors of flooring trying to find the perfect type and color. I got completely exasperated and just cut out the rug from the picture I had taken. The space left was black. It looked great. No, no, I told myself. No one has a black floor. Do they? I searched all over cyberspace for rooms with black floors. I found some with black marble, but they were mostly French solariums. Maybe I could pretend it was like a solarium? After several nights of tossing and turning I decided there was no other choice. The floor was to be black. I was terrified, but it had to be done.

I pulled up the carpet and the dirt that had filtered through over the years was more than I could have  imagined. I will never install carpet again. It's gross and I am over it. After much scrubbing and cleaning I took a deep breath and put down tile. Between emptying out the entire room (and that's a lot of stuff) and the installation, I ended up putting in three days of hard work. After 15 years of stalling now it is finally done. Thankfully. I love it and I am so relieved that the black isn't awful! It's beautiful!

Here is the finished product:

And now it's time to really enjoy the space, which I have been doing often. Soon I'll give you a close up of my new spot, where I hide away and enjoy my cross stitching on my lovely new frame.

Thank you for visiting. Please come again!

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