December 2, 2018

Inside The Studio

Welcome back! Today I am posting a close up view and a bit of a tour of my adorable studio. This will be a in-depth look at not only views of the room from several angles, but also a look behind the obvious so that you can see how I organize the hidden spaces. If you like a lot of pictures then this posting is especially for you!

The studio is conveniently located on the main floor of the house. 

To your right are my two desks.

In the desk closest to the door I keep office supplies and beneath the curtain lurks my shredder and some files. 

There are baskets and various containers for storing art supplies tucked away everywhere.

In the corner towards your left are my little fireplace, a dressmaker's mannequin wearing an antique wedding gown and a cabinet that houses my television.

As you move around the room towards the left, past the television shelf, you'll see that this is where I work on my cross stitch tapestry. (Please watch upcoming blog postings for details about my stitching and supplies.)

Beside my stitching stand there's a small table just the right size for a cup of tea or a tall glass of cool lemonade.

There also is the Fainting Couch. I had wanted one for years, but since the room is rather small I opted for a wicker version as opposed to the more traditional upholstered style. It suits my purpose perfectly. It is cool enough in the warm months of summer, and in winter, a rose embellished, hand knit throw is there for tossing over chilly legs. The book on the foot of the couch is a paper covered box that hides remote controls.

Tucked away behind the couch is a closet filled with shelves. The closet doors have been removed and the shelves are lined with pretty, pastel paper and storage containers.

And finally a shelf just inside the door holds charging phones, a few books and a couple of totes ready for a trip out the door.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and that you are inspired to find a beautiful space of your own for work, creating and daydreams!

Thank you for visiting! Please come again.

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