November 25, 2018

The Organization

In my last post I promised I would share some before and after pictures and experiences from the last year. I hope you are inspired!

I began my organizing journey in the kitchen and breakfast room. Once these rooms were thoroughly cleaned and more organized I found the whole process worked much better as I went through the house. Here are a few before pictures.

Next are pictures of the kitchen area after the reorganization. I took everything out of the room entirely with the exception of the refrigerator which I emptied and then moved to clean underneath. The electric stove has been replaced with a new gas stove and I have added a bright, white, brick backing behind the stove. I painted the cabinets and added new handles. As I reorganized I worked on one room, got to a point where I felt accomplished, and then moved on to the next one. Once I had done the whole house I made up a cleaning routine list and a list of extras. Those extras were things I wanted to change or repair. As each room came up for cleaning I would try to add that task. The cabinet handles were upgraded that way. They were easily replaced and one of those things I swore I would do eventually, but never got to. I'll elaborate on my cleaning schedule in a future posting. 

After the kitchen I moved onto the breakfast room. Because the kitchen itself is very small I now keep all of my baking supplies and many of the tools in the breakfast room. Here are a few "before" pictures from over the years.

I reorganized the coffee station on the bureau, sorted out the glassware in the cabinet, replaced the fabric inside and set up my baking supplies in the hutch. The containers are food safe and air tight. Even my brown sugar has remained soft. Links are posted below. My labeling kit came with great labels for spices which I added to the jars that are mounted beneath the kitchen cabinets.

Here are links to some of the things I used to organize. I'll move on to a few more rooms in my next posting.

Storage Containers

Container Label Set

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