November 27, 2018

The Journey Continues

In my previous post, I wrote about the beginning of my journey to a full reorganization of my home. This week I'll talk about moving past the kitchen and breakfast rooms into the rest of the house. I have to say that although it was exhausting at times, it was immensely inspiring! It was the best accomplishment I have had in years. My whole house was totally clean at one time. And not the kind of clean you get from killing yourself to get everything done at once. You all know them, those pre-holiday cleanings. The ones you do before company. Let's face it, those cleanings help but they never really get the whole job done. I did that for years and it never worked. The holiday in question would arrive and the house looked pretty good, but there still those things that hadn't gotten done. And I was exhausted as well. Someone once asked me whatever made us think we could devote one day to clean the entire house and expect to actually get it done? It never works that way. I would start out inspired, get just so far, and when the day was done I was tired but not satisfied. Rome wasn't built in a day and I'm sure it wasn't cleaned in a day either. I'm so happy to have found a better way!

Here are some of the other rooms in my home that got a thorough cleaning.
My dining room was not too challenging, but I did empty the hutch, scrubbed every surface, cleaned the windows and moved the light fixture that never hung right over the table.

Next came the foyer. I've heard this area referred to this as the "launchpad" because it's where you grab your hat and coat and "take off" out the door. There's no room in my foyer for a bench or a closet by my front door so I really don't have too many things you drop as you come in the door and grab on your way out. I try to keep those things we use daily to a minimum.

The box on the radiator is for dropping off keys and miscellaneous items as you go in and out. The mailbox holds gloves.

Inside the dining room door is a small cabinet for shoes.

A mirror with a couple of hooks holds caps, a knit bag for outgoing items and an umbrella.

Since I redid the living room a couple of years ago I didn't need to change much, but it got a very thorough cleaning. I also sorted out DVDs and reconnected the electronics beneath the television eliminating any that were no longer in use such as the VCR

The Master bedroom was next and it was a bit more work. The floor had been painted white before we bought the house. We planned to eventually change that, but I actually grew to like it. I gave it a fresh coat of paint and added new rugs. Every drawer was sorted as were the tiny closets. To my delight, my clothes now fit in them comfortably. 

After cleaning the guest room it dawned on me that no one had used it in several years. I would strip the beds regularly, just in case. I vacuumed it weekly but, other than my cleaning, it never got used. Getting organized gave me the idea to put the room to better use and I hauled out the beds and converted it into an exercise room. I added a small, reasonably priced treadmill, moved the old stereo up from the basement and hauled out all of the old vinyl records we have kept for years. Now I have great music, and open space to get some exercise and a special room for a bit of meditation. I have to say that I found having a better environment in my home not only gave me more time but bunches of energy.

The mirrors are the type you put on the back of your closet door. They are affordable, work great and reflect light into the room. Here's a link to the treadmill.

I hope you have enjoyed this posting and it helps to inspire you. In my next post, I'll give you a view into my schedule and show you the major improvement I made to my studio.

Thanks for visiting. Please come again!

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