November 30, 2018

Organization Schedule

In my previous postings I shared my whole house organization from the Home Organization book by Toni Hammersley. I joined up for the 2018 challenge at the Bowl Full of Lemons site and my house has never looked and functioned better. Once I had made one pass through my entire place I created a cleaning schedule to keep everything ship shape. I have tweaked the plan a few times, but over the last year have found a method that works great for me, my life and my home. I hope it inspires you to find a great plan for yourself.

One thing I have learned is that, at least in my house, a good cleaning on a rotational basis keeps things up well. It seems that just about the time each room comes up for its turn it's ready for my attention. My schedule does not include windows or moving large pieces of furniture - that I do seasonally. Each room takes about an hour, more or less, now that it has been thoroughly cleaned and well organized. It is a six day a week schedule which leaves me one day to get ahead a bit or make up if I missed anything on the schedule. I also have a daily routine that includes mostly cleaning up as I go, picking up a bit before bed, scooping the cat box and that type of thing.

Here is my current schedule:


Monday:Bathroom, Master Bedroom, Exercise Room

Tuesday:Kitchen, Breakfast Room & Mud Room

Wednesday:Living Room, Dining Room & Foyer

Thursday:Basement. Collect all Trash.

Friday/Saturday: Studio


A breakdown of each room includes the following jobs and times:

Breakfast room/Kitchen/Mudroom (60 minutes)

Wash rugs
Dust ceiling Fans
Refill soaps
Tidy drawers and cabinets
Wash windows and glass doors
Wash cabinets
Clean coffee station
Sort snack drawer
Wash cat bowls and water fountain
Sort and clean refrigerator
Clean stove (set clean cycle if needed)
Wipe out microwave
Dust mud room
Clean cat box
Empty and wash trashcan
Wipe all counters and tables
Scrub sink
Wash floor
Replace rugs

Living room/Dining room (45 minutes)

Wash blankets
Rotate cushions/Sweep out crumbs
Dust furniture and baseboards
Glass surfaces
Empty trash
Refill napkins/tissues
Mop floors

Exercise Room/Hall/Foyer (45 minutes)

Water, feed and rotate plants
Dust light fixtures
Dust equipment and furniture
Wipe front door
Dust and wash mirrors, pictures and storm door
Mop foyer floor
Vacuum stars and carpets

Studio (20 minutes)

Dust furniture and shelves
Clean electronics and phone
Clean glass pictures
Fluff fainting couch
Shred paper
Empty trash
Mop floor
Vacuum rug

Bath (60 minutes)

Change towels
Wash rug
Wipe tile
Scrub tub
Refill shampoo/conditioner
Clean toilet
Dust wire shelves
Scrub sink
Clean mirrors and scale
Empty trash
Wash floor
Replace rug

Master Bedroom (45 minutes)

Change/Wash bedding
Tidy and Purge drawers and closets
Dust furniture and baseboards
Clean mirrors
Vacuum drapes
Empty trash
Mop floors
Vacuum rugs

Basement (30 minutes)

Wash appliances and lint trap
Sweep hard surfaces
Wash back door
Straighten work table
Straighten storage area


Please don't hesitate to comment or ask questions! I'd love to hear your input. Look for a giveaway in my next post!

Thanks for visiting! Please come again.

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