October 15, 2016

The Knitting Basket


     I've been busy getting together pieces, old and new, for an upcoming Etsy page that will feature my more romantic creations. As a result I have been constantly knitting. While antique shopping and hunting for the perfect vintage wedding gown for photo shoots I found a great basket. It has sidetracked me but it will be a worthwhile investment of time since with better tools I always accomplish more. The basket is the perfect size to hold my knitting gadgets and tools, but it was crying out for some love before I put it to work. It got a good soapy bath in the sink and then it needed to be lined.

The naked, washed basket.

     I had very specific ideas about how I wanted the lining to work. I could have simply made a boxy shape and glue-gunned the fabric to the basket, or sewed it in with sturdy thread, but I wanted a lining that was not only deliciously romantic and ruffly but that I could pull closed to save whatever is my current knitting project from my crazy cats. So now there is a bag that sits inside the basket and has a drawstring. I'll give you an overview of how I made the lining in case you want to try making one of your own.

     I started my design by cutting four pieces of fabric. I will call them "A". These pieces were half the length of the outside perimeter of the basket. I measured all the way around with my tape measure, cut that number in half, and added a couple of inches to this length for allowance. The exact measurement will depend on your basket. Then I figured how far I wanted the piece to hang out over the sides of the basket. I cut four of them this size.

Side pieces "A"

Then I cut the ruffle sections "B". They are four inches wide and twice the length of pieces "A". I ironed a fold into them lengthwise.

 Ruffle sections "B"

I folded over the ends of the "B" sections and pressed them.

Gather folded ruffle "B" and then sandwich it between pieces "A" and sew through all layers. Like so:
Put the ruffle between the side pieces and sew together. Sew down both sides as well. Make two.

When turned right side out it will look like this.

Next you want to cut four more pieces "C" to fit the insides of the basket. (If you don't want to use a contrasting fabric for the inside you could also cut the "B" sections deeper and eliminate "C".)

 The "C" pieces are the lighter fabric deeper in the basket.

 Put them on the same way, this time sandwiching the A/B piece you already made between the "C"s.

When turned out it will look like this.

 Now join the ends of the "C" pieces.

It should come out like this. The "C' pieces go all the way around, but the A/B pieces are not joined so they are split around the basket handles.

Cut two bottom pieces.

 Sew one bottom piece to one side piece 'C" like this.

 One bottom piece sewn in.

Now sew the other bottom piece to the other C'" piece but leave an opening of a couple of inches.

Pull the whole piece through the hole. 

I sewed a casting about a half an inch from the ruffle and ran a ribbon through each side.

 A top view of the finished lining.

I love it!

One of the reasons I really wanted this basket is to accommodate my beloved "Yarnit" globes. They are perfect to keep my balls of yarn clean and in one place. They are also great for using more than one color of yarn at a time. I'll put a link to the Yarnit site at the end of this blog.

 The Yarnit pair.

A perfect fit!

 There's just the right amount of room. Two Yarnits, my notebook, my Knit-kit (which has scissors, a measuring tape, a crochet hook, a counter etc. all in one compact), and my current shawl project.

Here I have gathered up the bag in the basket.

The bag out of the basket.

Happy knitting

Link to the Knit Kit site

Next week I will have a nice giveaway. Don't miss it!

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