September 24, 2016

Oh Where, Oh Where, Have I Been?


     Hello! Did you miss me? I admit it, I have been remiss in posting. I have taken a break from novel writing and been off on a new adventure. A few weeks ago I set up shop on Etsy!

Our shop banner

     What the heck is Etsy you ask? Etsy is an e-commerce site where people sell handmade and vintage items. It's the perfect place to buy lovely soaps and pretty ceramic yarn bowls, which are some of my favorites. I have thought about selling there for years and I finally got my act together and opened an outlet for some of my handmade projects. It isn't quite my vision yet, but it's a start.

A cute handmade beanie

     This still feels new and opening the site has certainly been a learning experience. But it wasn't difficult and Etsy has plenty of help areas and there were forums with answers to most of my questions. It may not be perfect, but they certainly offer plenty of support and encouragement. I sold a few items right away and recently finished a custom order that I really enjoyed very much. I put up a few scarves and some new, quickly made items, like cute, slouchy beanies for fall and my popular granny market bags. I use the bags myself for shopping and around the house and I am often asked where I got them. My daughter and I made several for the shop.

A Granny Market Bag

     I hope you'll visit us at Etsy. Is there anything special you would suggest we sell? I wanted to put up a few items to kind of get my feet wet with the mechanics of a shop before I work up some of the more elaborate and unusual things I enjoy making most. If you "favorite" us there you will automatically get notified whenever we post new items. Maybe there’s someone in your life who would love a handmade piece. Or, how adorable would you look in a pretty slouchy beanie? Have you ever seen something hand knit or crocheted you wanted but couldn’t find? You can contact us on Etsy, we would love to hear from you!
My first custom order for my Etsy page.

Another shawl from the same pattern.

     It’s been nice throwing myself into my handiwork again. I don’t always get my hooks and needles out in the heat of the summer, but this year has been so terribly hot, and the garden has been suffering thorough such onslaughts of bugs, that I have been indoors in the air conditioning more than usual. It's nice to wake up in the morning with a plan to get the day’s work done and then enjoy some quiet time knitting.

     Now the children are back in school here and just the sound of the buses out collecting them, even with the chirping of hot summer day cicadas in the background, holds the promise of cooler days.

Thank you for visiting! Please come again!

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