June 25, 2016

Learning Apote


    I am fortunate to have a found an editor, numerous appreciative readers, a delightful publisher and even a good friend who speaks multiple languages to help me make sure my books are the best they can be. When I needed a French name for a cafe in one of my novels for example, I was able to name it "A Lovely Lunch" instead of accidentally calling it something that translates out to "Bite Me". However, for my book Snake Oil, things got a bit more complicated. First of all, there is no "basic" language for America's Indigenous People. Instead there are many languages and many tribes and countless dialects, all of which are difficult to translate and understand. And so, for Snake Oil,  Apote was born, or rather invented. One of my major characters in the novel thus became an Apote Indian. Not only did the novel require that I create a heritage of sorts for my character, but he also needed a name and even a bit of conversation.

The Lincoln Gold Note 

    I have heard somewhere that you can tell those people who have read a novel and not heard one of the character's name anywhere else because have their own, unique pronunciation. Although I love that, it tends to be confusing when I'm in conversation with a reader or at a book signing. So here are some very short videos to help you pronounce the unusual words featured in Snake Oil. I personally found it was quite fun to hear them coming back at me. I truly love this book and the characters and I'm proud and pleased to have given them life and names and a little bit of language.

The poker hands from The Big Game

      The sound videos are arranged into a playlist on YouTube. When you come across these words in the book you can either let them run in a loop or listen to them one at a time. I hope you enjoy them.

Enjoy and as always, thank you for visiting and please come again!

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