June 11, 2016

Garden and Novel Plots

     This has been a busy summer so far. Over the last few weeks I have been editing my newest novel, Snake Oil, and now I wait for the printing. It’s always a bit nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time making sure a book is the best it can be while still getting it out into the world to share. I must say that my readers are fantastic, their reviews are inspiring and all of the excitement I hear from them when a new novel is published inspires me more than I can say. In the near future I will share some interesting photographs and a bit of information I gathered while researching Snake Oil. The world of traveling medicine shows was a wild and fascinating journey to study. You can pre-order a copy here: Snake Oil

      While I wait for copies of the book I have been doing a bit of puttering in the yard, it has been rather neglected over the past weeks but it is clear the work I did in late February is paying off. Almost everything I relocated has been either thriving or at least is getting reestablished. The lamb's ear has bloomed and many hydrangea blossoms are not far away. 

Lamb's ear blooms.

Flowers are blooming everywhere and the birds that come to my feeders have returned after what I am calling the ,"Great no-mess bird seed fiasco". Read about it here

The cardinals have come back with a young addition to their family.

The squirrels are getting whats left of the no mess seed in a separate feeder, while it lasts. Most of the pigeons, crows and grackles it was attracting are coming in fewer numbers now. They were messy and aggressive and I don't miss their visits.

A fat squirrel who refused to turn around and smile for the camera.

Flowers are blooming in pots.

They are climbing the trellises as well.

The butterfly bush I planted a few years back to hide an ugly corner is doing its intended job nicely.

 The only annuals I bought this year, one tiny patch of impatiens.

 The lawn is easier to mow without flower patches in the middle.

The big new trellis is ready for the roses to climb a few dozen more feet.

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