April 2, 2016

Back to the Garden

     It's finally here! Spring has sprung and the anxiety of waiting to see how my garden has fared from the big upheaval is over. About a month ago I began my new garden plan for this season. You can find it here: The Eight Step Garden Plan. In my new, more focused garden plot I moved many of the larger plants in my yard, it ended up being most of them in fact, and I added a few new elements. Everything was still dormant when I did the digging and I feared I had transplanted too early. This week my worries have been put to rest. It's still cool out, with only a warm day or two, but things are beginning to emerge.
New hydrangea leaves.

     The big hydrangea on the top level is sprouting beautifully. Once, a few years ago, it was loaded with massive blooms, but the last few years it has only wilted its way through the summer months. It has survived the transplant and I am hoping for flowers once again. The lamb's ear that I started last year from one leaf has gone wild.

Soft lamb's ear

     All of the relocated plants are now showing life, even the climbing rose which I gave a huge new trellis in hopes of a wall full of blooms, is finally showing sprouting, much to my relief. The grass seed has taken hold where I have removed plants.

The climbing rose showing new sprouts

 The knockout roses in their new location.

It won't be long before a summer full of roses burst from the busy knockout rose bushes.

 Fresh grass is emerging

The bleeding heart looks happy in it's new spot and should bloom soon as well.

     I pulled out my potted hostas from the garage. I was shocked a few years ago that they will survive the winter in pots and reemerge in spring to surround my tub. The tub will not be filled until warmer weather arrives, but by then the hostas should be lush and green.

New growth on the hostas.

     It looks and feels as if the new eight step plan has worked well. I had to turn a bit of a blind eye to the areas I did not get to until all of the previous steps were done, but I felt far less overwhelmed. Now that spring has arrived I have no huge jobs to do in the garden. By staying focused and doing one area at a time, and doing it completely, I had far fewer aches and pains from overdoing and from the stress of feeling I needed to get to all of the property at once. I found that as I got into the plan there was also less work in the places that I gardened last. There were some holes to fill and piles to clean up, but I felt more inspired and more relaxed and enjoyed my gardening much more. The plan worked well and now that the days are beginning to warm I have more time to enjoy my garden, less work to do and I think all of my plants are happier. When I relocated and dug up around my plantings I took my time and fed everything as well. I bought a beautiful, glass vase while antiquing in Adamstown, Pa and I look forward to many bouquets of flowers from my own backyard.

A little petunia that wintered over in a basement window, now enjoying some spring sunshine.

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