January 23, 2016

I Dream About Sitting Down (Part Two)

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     Welcome back! For a long time I contemplated what I might do with the corner in my living room where the big television once resided. One idea I had in mind was an “author’s corner”. Hey, I’ve written over a dozen novels. I could make myself a kind of a trophy place. I have earned it, and it’s my house. I envisioned a little reading nook with a small table, a lamp and a chair. On the wall I would hang all of the beautiful covers to my novels and be inspired by them. And so, for the next step in my ongoing room fix I started in that corner.
     To get an idea of how I might hang over a dozen picture frames I taped up sheets of papers with painter’s tape. This only added gasoline to my fire of redecorating. I had already rolled the big TV out of the room and moved in my decorated Christmas tree so that I might enjoy the few final days of the holiday season with some twinkling lights. Heck, the room makeover was supposed to be a Christmas gift anyway.

Printer's paper and painter's tape

     The old wooden ladder-back chair I had was dark and I had thought about painting it for years so, inspired by my vision, I gave it a good coat of primer and painted it a glossy white. Now I could see it against the dark walls.
     The dark walls. There’s a story there too. When we moved into our house everything was a vanilla white. It was alright for a while, but as time passed each room spoke to me asking for color. The living room was one of the first to call out to me and I choose a deep green. The room has a western exposure, shaded by a deep porch on the side of the house. It's very bright at sunset, but cool and shady most of the time. It felt like a sheltered English garden filled with ivy and earthen paths. Over time I added the deep rose curtains and silk geraniums. 
      Next I went out and invested in identical picture frames and replaced the printer paper with the photos of the cute couple that came mounted in them. One by one I printed out the covers from my Kinslow novels and set them in chronological order.

Frames being hung - I must really like that couple!

All of my book covers plus room for two more

     Now, with copies of my covers printed and framed I have a nice gallery of my novels. The corner allows for a larger table than I expected and the wheels in my decorating mind began to turn again. Instead of just a table and chair I thought maybe a nice tea station would be perfect in my new cozy room.

Next week: The Tea 

Please come again!

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