January 9, 2016

Back at Minecraft


     For this project I decided to keep myself contained by building on a good sized island. I find that if I begin a world in an land-based area I just keep digging away at the surrounding mountains and making the world larger and larger. This time I am staying within the bounds of the wide open Minecraft sea.

      I began this village in the center of the island and planned out the housing symmetrically around the ever popular well. The houses, although not identical, are quite similar. This makes it easy to build several foundations, one right after the other, then go back and do the walls and roofs and such and get those houses cranked out. I do play in creative mode, but a groaning zombie, although not to dangerous to me, is annoying and I like to get some shelter up for my delicious villagers quickly.

       I almost always play with the John Smith pack. I love the medieval aspects of it and the pretty flowers. 

      My little villagers like to hang around the beach occasionally, enjoying the view and zombies nearly always come in the night to wade in the fountains and admire the wheat fields.

     I have also found that, like people, my villagers love apartments, so I often build them little places with small rooms where they tend to gather after dark. 

        I am just about finished with my living room project in my real house, but not quite ready for the unveiling yet. Please come back next week!

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