October 31, 2015

A Fall Stroll

   It's a beautiful October here, with warm days and cool nights, and after running a few morning errands, I took a walk with my camera to enjoy the weather and my neighborhood. I live in an established area where many of the houses were built in the early 1920s and in between the big, older homes are houses from the 1950s and here and there a newer home. Sometimes I like to imagine what the neighborhood must have looked like when the first wave of homes were built, when there were lakes before the shopping centers and when every house had a wide yard. That is exactly what inspired my book, The Matter With Margaret where Margie Hobart goes to bed in the year 2000 and wakes up in the same place, in her home, in 1920. I imagined how she would have coped with ringer washing machines and very different gender roles than today.

   On my walk I not only let my mind time travel a bit I also enjoyed the diversity of the homes and the October decorations. I kept my own decorating simple this year just putting out my skeletal rat and his spider friend in the wreath.

     In my neighborhood there are many smaller homes with young families and a few Halloween decorations to delight young trick-or-treaters.

Happy little ghosts

Do you dare to enter?

Simple and sweet

Then there are the more serious decorators who have fashioned large webs.
 Pretty and scary.

A family a few blocks away from me gets quite serious every year, boarding up their windows and taking their hearse out to park on the lawn.

The skeletons look almost alive!

Don't text and drive!

Imagine what these windows must look like from the inside.

All around is autumn. The leaves are underfoot on lawns that are still green.

But the flowers are beginning to bid farewell. 

Thank you for stopping by to share a few minutes of your time. I wish you all a very happy Halloween!

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