April 1, 2015

Together at Easter


  The Easter of 2002 was the end of an era in my life, although I did not know it at the time. Our children stood at the threshold of adulthood and would soon be living independent lives and starting families of their own. That Easter my husband and I spent in Philadelphia while our families and friends were as far apart as California, Texas and New England. It was to be our last Easter together and we wanted everyone to be a part of it, no matter how far away they were. So we planned a different kind of celebration. My creative husband put together a virtual Easter egg hunt.
     The first step required the serious business of coloring and painting and decorating the eggs. There was lots of head scratching and brainstorming and, after everyone had hatched their clever ideas and finished their individual works of art, each one posed for the camera with their eggs. The second step was to show everyone, via email, the treasures that were to be hidden. Here's a collage of the artists and their 16 eggs that were sent to family and friends far and wide:

     We then hid the eggs throughout our new home for step three. Then, for step four we took pictures of the rooms with the eggs hidden "in plain sight" and sent them out to everyone. "How many eggs can you find?" the emails taunted. From wherever they were, they were all searching our home for those elusive, hidden eggs. Everyone had great fun and we all felt a little bit closer together for the holiday.

     Today I am resurrecting that contest and giving all my readers a chance to enjoy our look back. On Saturday I will put up a post that shows exactly where the eggs were hidden. Following are the original photographs that show the rooms and settings of that Easter long ago. Look carefully, dear readers, zoom in and see if perhaps you can find every one of the sixteen, thoughtfully decorated, Easter eggs.
 Good luck!

#1.Are there any eggs amid these bottles?

#2. Any eggs in those sewing things? What do you think?

 #3. There's more than a beloved old cat in this photograph. 

#4. This one has plenty of color. But can you find any eggs here?

#5. Rub-a-dub-dub, any eggs in this tub?

#6. There are plenty of places for eggs to hide in this picture of the refrigerator, but where are they?

#7. Roosters and tins and eggs... oh my!

#8 Do you see the crab? Okay, how about any eggs?
#9 There's a couple of pumpkins here, but what about eggs?

#10. This one is easy, or is it?

#11 The final egg shot. How did you do?

You only have a few days. Some are easy. Some are hard. When our friends and family looked in 2002 some of them found every egg, some did not. Look hard. Do you think you could have won the hunt? Please come back on Saturday when each and every egg will be revealed!

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