February 28, 2014

How It All Gets Written

      I love writing and I love writing about things I know. One of my characters loves knitting, another knows how to make brick. In the book I am working on now, The Matter with Margaret, the heroine learns about cleaning and homemaking, two things that are close to my heart. I have always enjoyed cleaning and the satisfaction that it can bring. I will be bringing that into Margaret.  I am also building my next novel. This is how I write. I put together a concept, build the characters in my mind and the challenges they face in life, do an outline, take notes and then sit down and let it pour out. I research tons while writing and sometimes that research will get interjected into the story. In Piecrust Promise I wanted Corrine to build her own home. I know a little about adobe and the kinds of homes that the settlers built on the prairies. I found the most adorable photograph of a dugout house and was very inspired by it. It is not adobe but I imagine it with a blazing woodstove on a cold winter's day, cozy inside with a fresh baked pie on the table. Think of how your hands would have felt after digging out all of those rocks and building them into a home. The washtub and sprouting bulbs are perfect!

    So as I write each book I begin to formulate the next book and I have decided a future heroine will weave. I have done just about everything one could imagine with fiber. I knit, crochet, sew, tat, make bobbin lace, spin and quilt. I have never woven anything more elaborate than a jersey loop potholder or tiny squares of yarn on a similar device. This week I bought a loom. It's not the floor style monster but it's serious and beautiful and I am learning about weaving. We are fortunate to have the internet to help us learn but experience is the best teacher. I'm figuring by the time I'm ready to put pen to paper I will be able to write about weavers with the best of them. I hope you will join me on my journey!  
  Coming next, the recipe for that delicious pie on the cover of Piecrust Promise. After the photograph was taken we ate it. It was divine!
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