January 26, 2014

Between the Lines

       Again watch for spoilers here. Instead of reading this now you might want to read the Stavewood saga first, besides this will make so much more sense!

      Good morning readers. Before posting my next thoughts, mostly on South of Stavewood, I feel I have other things I would like to mention. I woke up to several emails and messages this morning, all wonderful! I am learning. I am learning not only how to write better every day, but how to be a better writer. By being a better writer I mean not learning how to turn a prettier phrase in a novel but rather how to communicate better with the people who read my books. I am learning how to listen to their questions and not just let out the vulnerability I sometimes feel in my characters. Let me tell you that if, when you read one of my books, your chest tightens or you smile to yourself or read through your tears you are not alone. I know this not so much because readers tell me this, I know this because it happens when I write. When I finished South of Stavewood I could barely see the screen. I had already laid out Home to Stavewood and I knew what lay in store for Mark and Sam. Yes, I cried. When I get a letter or email from someone who says that they fell in love with one of my characters or that one of my stories broke their hearts I understand. They broke mine too. And this is how I am learning. I am learning that all of the emotion I feel when I write is okay. I have learned that more from my readers than myself. If I expect your heart to break when you read one of my books then I must admit that mine breaks too. There I said it. Thank you to all of the writers who have said it to me.

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