December 15, 2013

Gearing up for the holiday!

      With only one gift still in the hands of the USPS, but tracking showing it is close by, I am shopped and wrapped and ready for the holiday. We've had plenty of snow and ice here, right outside of Philadelphia, and I am loving online shopping.
      I made lots of handmade gifts this year, scarves and hats and socks and jewelry. I will post a few of those pictures once the gifts are given. In the meantime I'm looking forward to getting my tatting shuttle out just for the love of tatting and I have at least two books I want to read before I begin writing my next book in the coming new year. Book six will begin in the present day, not the usual kind of thing I write, and travel back to a simpler time. I'm really eager to get started writing again, but I must say that I have enjoyed the break I have taken for December.
      My serenity kitchen is working wonderfully! I have turned out cookies and puddings and hearty soups and of course plenty of artisan bread. I have not once stood cooking in my kitchen swearing like a sailor since I made the changes. With so much baking time I decided to treat myself to some new aprons. I found this great tutorial for Japanese aprons and had to make a couple. I love them! They not only save the front of your clothes, they save your behind. Alas, I admit I am sometimes guilty of putting my floury hands on my hips or backside. This apron covers it all, and without those damn ties that always seem to come undone on me. These slip over your head. I made two of them, so I can have a fresh one while the other is in the wash. At the end of this post I will put up the link in case you want to make your own.

 Here are a few pictures from holidays past...

Last Christmas morning at my house with grandchildren:

Love Park Philadelphia 2012:


My grandson Michael:

Grandson Thomas makes a new friend:

Grandpa and Michael turn it up to eleven:






Here is a picture of some of the goodies I have made.
Here's the link for the apron pattern:
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