November 4, 2013

Saving no daylight

      It's dark. It's been dark for several hours now, this first day of the time change. One hour makes such a huge difference. When I finished writing this afternoon it felt like the middle of the night. Interesting. This will be the first winter I'll be writing novels as a professional. I find myself wondering if the winter will pass as quickly as the summer did.
      When my first novel was published it certainly changed my life. I suspected it would, but though it did change in ways I had anticipated, it also changed in ways I never would have imagined. Now I do love to write but before it was always a guilty pleasure. When I was published that all changed. Now other things have become guilty pleasures and writing is a priority. That certainly required an attitude adjustment. Now when I sit down to write I feel free to take the time I need to pour out a story. It still feels naughty but I am very much allowed now.
      Lately I have been in that in-between space. I have a book finished that will be coming out in just a couple of weeks. It is in final editing and basically it is finished and I am ready to move on. During the heavy editing I need to keep my mind on that story and be ready for changes or adjustments. I'm learning that it's a challenge to do that while trying to focus on the next story. At this point I can now move onto the next adventure. Goodbye to the Klondike Gold Rush and hello to the Land Rush of 1889!
      I love writing! I love the research, the outlines, the promise and the turns that sometimes a book takes when the characters come to life in my imagination. But most of all I love it when I can write it all down and someone else takes that journey as well. When someone talks to me about an event or character in my book and sees them the way I do, real and alive, that's just about as good as it gets. It's not about praise or success or ego. It's about understanding. When someone tells me they couldn't put the book down it means they get it. That's pretty damn nice.

~ Nanette

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