November 16, 2013

It's always a good time for pie!

Hello Dear Readers!

      Thanks again for visiting! It's great to see that so many are reading and following this blog! I have had a very busy week. The love of my life had a birthday, I thought I had broken a rib, I am booked for a book signing Thanksgiving week and I'm working on my next novel! No folks, I cannot be stopped!
      It was a very nice birthday for my husband. He's tough to shop for, but I think I did okay and we went out an had a very nice dinner and a great weekend! I baked his favorite, lemon meringue pie, and we ate it right up! He's turned 61 this year and since I'm having a few head trips over turning 60 myself he's been sweet and encouraging.

The pie!

      Although I've made bunches of pies in the past it was especially interesting making this one because my head is in such a pie place of sorts. The novel I am writing now, that hopefully will be out in February, Piecrust Promise, is about the 1889 Oklahoma Land Rush and the heroine is a pie maker. The pie turned out delicious and I think the book will be too!
      I certainly feel as if I'm juggling these days. I have a book signing on November 26th for Ill Repute, the book about the Yukon Gold Rush, several birthdays and of course the holidays. It's wonderful. I love being busy and one nice thing about getting older is that I feel less guilty about making choices to enjoy the things that are more important to me and passing up the others.
      Of course life is always filled with those little reminders and last week I pulled something in my chest. This meant getting practically no sleep for seven nights and yesterday I decided I had had enough and visited the doctor. Bottom line was that the rib was not broken, as I had begun to fear, but that it was a muscle strain. A night on a muscle relaxer has helped greatly.
      Now that I feel a bit caught up I will post again, soon!  Thanks so much for reading!


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