November 26, 2013

It Could Be Worse - Being Thankful

      Again I am stealing... er um... borrowing, a title from one of my husband's songs, not for a book today, but for my blog posting. I have been doing some organizing in my tiny kitchen and some browsing online for ideas.
     First, my kitchen is small. If I had several thousand dollars to spare I would take out the wall to the breakfast/dining room and make it big, but since I can't I have adapted the new attitude. I'm calling it the Serenity Kitchen. Based on the Serenity Prayer I am trying to accept the things I cannot change... etc. I am focusing on the things that make my kitchen aggravating. Things like the fact that I buy a new trash can twice a year. Evidently the Rubber Maid and I don't see eye to eye. If the can has a spring lid I break the springs. If you are supposed to lift the lid mine falls into the can. So I have ordered a really good metal trash can. I did tons of research and I'm actually excited about a new trashcan. I also have no workspace. Yes, I have a bunch of stuff on my counters. I use all of it regularly and my counter is covered in a creative finish and not marble or butcher block or any other work friendly surface. This year Santa gets to bring me a small, but needed, butcher block work table. I want to bake more bread, roll out more pie crusts and bake more cookies. I have also moved all the heavy, dangerous, constantly-falling-from-high-cabinet cans down and sorted and tossed bunches of stuff. I hope it helps. When I put up the spice jars it helped a lot, but not enough. Here's a few pictures:

      The watermelon basket on the left holds seasoning packets. The basket on the lower shelf has spices that wouldn't fit underneath the cabinets:
All of my baking supplies are in the breakfast room hutch:
The counters:

      Alright I don't use everything... but close! I don't use the wooden tulips, except to make me happy. I do use the Mrs. Tea, the paper towels, the lamps, the red trashcan for veggie scraps that go into my composter, and the food processer and tools. The net basket has the butter dish and bowls of cookies and snacks. I can set them all aside easily that way and it keeps out gnats and tiny fingers.
      While surfing the web for kitchen ideas I found several things that made me see my tiny kitchen from a different perspective. Yeah, it's small, but it's mine and filled with things I do love and it's adorable. Since you have come to visit via my blog, I am going to share a couple of postings from others that have made me thankful. I hope they make you feel thankful about your kitchen, and your home, as well as give you a good laugh! Remember, it could be worse!
Have a great Thanksgiving!
~ Nanette
Feel better about your home...
I found this in 2002 when I had a very bad neighbor. It's still worth a look, make sure you click on the links for the pictures!

November 16, 2013

It's always a good time for pie!

Hello Dear Readers!

      Thanks again for visiting! It's great to see that so many are reading and following this blog! I have had a very busy week. The love of my life had a birthday, I thought I had broken a rib, I am booked for a book signing Thanksgiving week and I'm working on my next novel! No folks, I cannot be stopped!
      It was a very nice birthday for my husband. He's tough to shop for, but I think I did okay and we went out an had a very nice dinner and a great weekend! I baked his favorite, lemon meringue pie, and we ate it right up! He's turned 61 this year and since I'm having a few head trips over turning 60 myself he's been sweet and encouraging.

The pie!

      Although I've made bunches of pies in the past it was especially interesting making this one because my head is in such a pie place of sorts. The novel I am writing now, that hopefully will be out in February, Piecrust Promise, is about the 1889 Oklahoma Land Rush and the heroine is a pie maker. The pie turned out delicious and I think the book will be too!
      I certainly feel as if I'm juggling these days. I have a book signing on November 26th for Ill Repute, the book about the Yukon Gold Rush, several birthdays and of course the holidays. It's wonderful. I love being busy and one nice thing about getting older is that I feel less guilty about making choices to enjoy the things that are more important to me and passing up the others.
      Of course life is always filled with those little reminders and last week I pulled something in my chest. This meant getting practically no sleep for seven nights and yesterday I decided I had had enough and visited the doctor. Bottom line was that the rib was not broken, as I had begun to fear, but that it was a muscle strain. A night on a muscle relaxer has helped greatly.
      Now that I feel a bit caught up I will post again, soon!  Thanks so much for reading!


November 7, 2013

Book Signing!

If you live in Pennsylvania, or will be visiting for Thanksgiving please come out!

November 4, 2013

Saving no daylight

      It's dark. It's been dark for several hours now, this first day of the time change. One hour makes such a huge difference. When I finished writing this afternoon it felt like the middle of the night. Interesting. This will be the first winter I'll be writing novels as a professional. I find myself wondering if the winter will pass as quickly as the summer did.
      When my first novel was published it certainly changed my life. I suspected it would, but though it did change in ways I had anticipated, it also changed in ways I never would have imagined. Now I do love to write but before it was always a guilty pleasure. When I was published that all changed. Now other things have become guilty pleasures and writing is a priority. That certainly required an attitude adjustment. Now when I sit down to write I feel free to take the time I need to pour out a story. It still feels naughty but I am very much allowed now.
      Lately I have been in that in-between space. I have a book finished that will be coming out in just a couple of weeks. It is in final editing and basically it is finished and I am ready to move on. During the heavy editing I need to keep my mind on that story and be ready for changes or adjustments. I'm learning that it's a challenge to do that while trying to focus on the next story. At this point I can now move onto the next adventure. Goodbye to the Klondike Gold Rush and hello to the Land Rush of 1889!
      I love writing! I love the research, the outlines, the promise and the turns that sometimes a book takes when the characters come to life in my imagination. But most of all I love it when I can write it all down and someone else takes that journey as well. When someone talks to me about an event or character in my book and sees them the way I do, real and alive, that's just about as good as it gets. It's not about praise or success or ego. It's about understanding. When someone tells me they couldn't put the book down it means they get it. That's pretty damn nice.

~ Nanette