October 25, 2013

Why it's Five Minute Bread (Part Four)

It's is the last day of trying different methods of baking the five minute bread with batch one. Tonight I made the bread in loaf pans. Again the bread came out amazing, even more delicious and I broke down and ordered the 6 qt. tubs from Amazon. I will be keeping dough in my refrigerator from now on.

Here's pictures of the loaves before I give my overview:

     My overall opinion of the Five Minute Artisan Bread is that the five minutes not only refers to the time it takes to make bread from this dough but that five minutes is about how long it lasts. This bread is wonderful! It is easy to make. Mix together the ingredients of flour, water, salt and yeast with a spoon and put the mixture in the refrigerator. About an hour or so before you want bread pull out a glob, shape it a bit and let it sit around for about 40 minutes. Bake it for about 20 minutes and then try not to eat only bread for dinner every night. The book that tells you how to do it all and has the recipe for this and other types of breads is worth every penny. I will be making up another batch tomorrow, but I'm going to take a break so that the dough can 'ripen' a bit. The bread was much better the second and third day. When I get the buckets I will stagger batches so I always have dough and it has sat for a day or two.
     Thanks to everyone who emailed me with questions and kind feedback. It's great to hear from folks!
     Thanks for sharing my bread baking experience!

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