October 29, 2013

Taking a Moment for Bread

      While working on my next book, which I hope to have out in late winter of 2014, I am taking a break for bread. The next book is about a woman in the great Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889. I  love to use the homemaking skills I have learned over my lifetime to give my heroines special skills. In Stavewood, Rebecca sure loves to knit. The women in the rest of the saga have their own skills. In Sweet New England, Taffy Jamison has her quilting to ease her mind. In Ill Repute, Alice makes a lovely bonnet and has other skills as well, but she is unusual. In the book I am writing now, Corrine is a pie maker.
      Since I become so immersed in my books, if I write about food I'm just dying to bake when I walk away from the keyboard. The experiment of the Five-Minute Artisan bread is perfect!

      It has been two days with no fresh bread in the oven and I've missed it terribly. After a rather tasty split pea and ham in the crockpot and no fresh bread I am good and ready for another loaf. The buckets I ordered arrived and they are perfect! They fit into the refrigerator well, and although I thought they were a bit big I was plainly wrong. This picture was taken before the dough had completely risen to nearly the top. The attractive piece of painter's tape on the lid is my addition, it has a date on it. I knew that the yeast I had used in the first batch was a bit outdated but this fresh yeast is really busy! Now I wonder if the big bowl I had used originally would have been big enough.

      My plan is to start a second batch in the other tub tomorrow and have ripened bread dough available almost all the time. It's a good time for this experiment, I think, because if I have too much bread a nice loaf of artisan bread would be perfect to bring to those upcoming holiday gatherings or for hungry grandsons.
      If you look up on the empty tub you can see the dough mixer I got as well. I thought I was being frivolous ordering it with the tubs. Nope. It mixed the dough up so easily I was amazed. Tonight: pasta with a nice sauce and fresh bread!

Thanks for visiting! Please feel free to post your own bread adventures!

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