October 24, 2013

5 Minute Bread (Part 3) or Hot Damn that bread is good!

I am now in day three of the artisan bread experiment and I could not be happier. Tonight I made the bread in my old French bread pan. I made it thin, like Baguettes. I took it out of the bowl in the refrigerator and cut it into two balls and stretched them gently to fit the pan.

Tonight instead of corn meal, since the book says it will impact the taste, I used parchment paper.

     I let the dough rest for about 45 minutes and baked it for 15 minutes. The taste of the bread was much more sour. The crust was soft and chewy (I rubbed it with a light coat of butter right out of the oven.)
     I have to say that I have made my own bread off and on for years using all kinds of methods and I have NEVER made a tastier loaf of bread than tonight. It is clear that the days spent in the refrigerator impacted the flavor. With one batch that I mixed originally, tomorrow will be the last of the pre-made dough and I wish I had made more. The huge bowl I used was full and I am seriously considering getting the buckets that are recommended on Amazon so that I can keep two batches of dough going. Not only will I bake bread almost every night now, but I would like to leave the dough for at least three days before I use it. The book cover says that this method revolutionizes home baking and I have to say that it is not an exaggeration.
     Anyone who knows me knows I can cook but not great, and I am not compelled to live in the kitchen like a really good cook would be. But I like good food without a lot of labor and so far these recipes are all they claim to be. The book has sweet bread recipes and those for rolls, pretzels (look out grandsons!) and fancy breads. I'll keep posting on this.

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