July 31, 2013

And so the word turns...

     Since I have come here to write my life has changed rather drastically. Now that my books are being published I have stepped into a new world, a wonderful world, a magical place. I have learned so many amazing things about how a book is put together that I will never look at publishing in the same way.
     Whenever I bought a book and read it I always thought about what the author must have put into it, but never considered the amazing amount of work that was involved long after the words The End were typed on the page. I never realized how arduous the editing was, how a book was physically built, how it was printed, distributed, where it went after those two little words were put to paper.
Then there is the marketing, plenty of it done by the authors themselves. I know from life experience that it is not easy to sell oneself, and marketing a personal creation is always a challenge, but I have had so much help with this. Not only from my publisher and those wonderful and supportive people close to me, but from my readers. The cards, gifts and letters of encouragement have been overwhelming. I am learning that to be successful takes more than presenting yourself, it takes support and encouragement from those who enjoy your work. This has all inspired me in ways I never imagined. No matter how much I love writing, without my readers loving my books the books are nothing.
     I love to write, but there is something I have found that I love even more, and that is my reader who loves my books. I had never set out to write the great prize winning novel, I did want to write a story that took your heart and imagination to a wonderful place. While growing up I learned that my imagination could take me out of almost any bad situation to a peaceful and loving place in my mind. Sometimes it is not only enjoyable, sometimes finding a wonderful place in one's imagination is essential to survival. But I thought that might just be me. The letters I have received from my readers have told me that I am not alone in those thoughts. One 99 year old went so far as to say that it has given her reason, even after living so many years, to get up in the morning and to want to stay alive.
Because of all of these things I am more driven than ever before to continue to write. The third book in the Stavewood saga will be published very soon. Those who have read the transcript are saying it may be the best in the collection. I hope everyone feels that way.
      After that my next journey of the imagination has gone to New England, a place I have always loved. I hope that my readers will enjoy seeing themselves falling in love on a beautiful clipper ship in 1858 and that in their imaginations they join me, filling their lungs with the smell of the salt air and the lure of the open sea.
      If you have not read Stavewood, please check it out and if you'd like to follow my book please visit my Author's page on Amazon.

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