March 18, 2013

Creative Spaces - My Studio

After a bit of a taste of the upcoming Spring last week, the weather has returned to dreary and chilly so it's back to being indoors. I don't mind since I have a big house that all of my children have outgrown and plenty of toys to keep me amused.

Our home is a Colonial Cape Cod. The Colonial part means that it is bigger than the usual Cape since there is a hallway down the middle. It is like most other Cape Cods in the way that it has one bedroom on the main floor. It is one of the things I love about my house. As soon as we looked at the house I claimed the main floor room. It didn't look like much at the time, the vinyl floor is old and glued to the wood floor, but I had vision.

Now the room is my office/sewing/den room. I run my own business from home so I need that space, but mostly it is a place to love.
Welcome to my Studio!
For my birthday one year my husband cut my door in half for me. It keeps out small grandchildren and is loaded with charm!

My Studio is jammed packed with things I love! I painted it a soft green and splurged on a big corner desk.

There's an old TV someone gave up for those creative TV shows in the background while I work.

There is no overhead lighting so there are lamps everywhere.

Connected to my corner desk is another old desk I have converted to house a sewing machine. Between the two desks I have put in a little fold-up ironing board made from wood covered with cotton quilt batting. The "leg" fits into a square made out of wood scraps and comes off. The board is attached with small hinges. It also hides a mess of cords and wires between the desks.

I made the table in the 80's to put on a porch we had in another house. It has two drop leaves. The front one stays down unless I need workspace.

The back window in the room has full Southern sun that my violet loves. Once I discovered self-watering pots the thing is in bloom constantly.

The parasol is a gift from a friend that I thought was too pretty to keep put away.

The closet has bi-fold doors, but if I close it, it magically fills with junk and is a nightmare inside. This is a picture taken a few years back:
I opened the doors, pulled out the closet pole and put in wallpapered shelves. Now it stays open so the mess gremlins don't take it over again. There's a lamp in there too.

The glider is a cast-off from my grandson's nursery.

I hope you like my studio tour!

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