February 17, 2013

Beginnings of Bobbin Lace

My new cookie pillow and bobbins finally arrived yesterday morning and it was waiting on the step when I returned from my Saturday morning errands! It took a whole week to get here (I'm so impatient!).
The pillow is ethafoam, something new for me. My original pillow was one I made years ago, before the help of the Internet, with stacks of felt from an old blanket. I decided to cover the new pillow in several layers of felt too, cut in larger and larger circles, starting at about 10". I put the smallest circle against the ethafoam, then larger circles, by about an inch, until the last 2 layers went a bit past the edge of the pillow. I used about 6 layers. The ethafoam looked like it might dent if banged or dropped. I am hoping that the felt will not only be a great working surface, but also protect the foam somewhat. I put a pin in at 12-6-9 and 3 o'clock on the circle and cut my cover fabric.

I did order a hardboard base with the pillow. It's like a pegboard, nice and hard and thin. My plan was to wrap the pillow and the base and staple, but alas staples don't go into hardboard, at least not my staples. I decided to staple the cover directly to the foam pillow. Then I covered the hardboard with tacky glue, put a band of hot glue close to the edge and glued on the base. I didn't think the staples would stay in the foam, but this seemed to work fine. I then glued my braiding around the edge. The pillow is light, but very firm and the pins stand right up! I love the color!

The first thing I did when I opened the box was put a finish on some of the bobbins I had ordered. They are beautiful and delicate and lightweight! I had only used bobbins I made from wooden dowels before. These are magical.
I wanted them in several different finishes. I have seen so many beautiful bobbin collections in such gorgeous arrays of colors. I stained a few, saved a few to keep natural, sprayed a few black and a few in white. Then I put a clear finish on all of them. As I spangle them I am rubbing some wax paper on each one.

I used an open paper clip to hang them to dry.

My first spangled bobbin!

Today I hope to finish spangling the other 23. 

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